METSpouse Program Q & A

About Acacia Institute Leadership Programs

  1. How will the Acacia programs help me in the workplace?

The Acacia Institute’s programs are specifically designed to develop your competency in the specific area of leadership. All three levels are built on four pillars: Communication, Personal Power, Business Essentials and Leadership: Aspiring Leaders in self-leadership, Emerging Leaders in team leadership and Advancing Leaders in organization leadership. These are areas which may not be taught in the academic world and on-the-job learning may be slow and painful. Equipped with Acacia trained competencies, both your advancement and your confidence will be accelerated.

  1. How are the programs delivered?

Acacia programs are delivered using adult learning best practices; incorporating eLearning through self-study, webinars, live stream conversations, open discussion forum for all participants and instructors to discuss concepts and opportunities. There is no travel required for the Aspiring Leaders program.

The Emerging Leaders program incorporates an onsite session involving a team analysis and presentation of a case study under the business essentials pillar. The Advancing Leaders program incorporates a five-day intensive off-site retreat.

  1. Who are the instructors?

Acacia instructors all bring practical life experience to the program. Instructors include the three founders as well as business owners, experienced senior business leaders and technical experts. Each program has an Ambassador and each module has a specific instructor assigned to it.

  1. What does it cost?

    Regular Fees: Aspiring Leaders   $1,997 CDN   Emerging Leaders   $5,247 CDN   Advancing Leaders  $9,997 CDN

All registered METSpouse participants receive a $1,000 grant to apply against any of the programs; to qualify, you must be officially registered in the METSpouse program.

  1. Does the Acacia Institute offer Scholarships?

Yes! Full scholarships are available for the Aspiring Leaders program; scholarship applications are open to all women.

  1. How long does it take?

Each eLearning module is allocated 3 weeks for completion. Both the Aspiring and Emerging Leaders programs can be completed in 36 weeks. The Advancing Leaders program is delivered in a much shorter time frame; allow four weeks as there are pre and post assignments related to the five-day intensive retreat.

  1. What are participants saying about this program?
  • “Loving (the Business Etiquette module) so far - this really hit home with me. I have never thought of accepting a compliment as honoring a gift.”
  • “I’ve learned to stop burning the candles at both ends and have become a better, more effective leader, as a result.”
  • “ … delivery & timeline allowed to complete assignments fits nicely into my hectic schedule. Thanks for keeping it simple.”
  • “I love the fact that the modules offer practical tips to work-place related issues or challenges that we all face daily.”


  1. What are employers saying about this program?
  • “The confidence that she gains after each module has a direct influence on the business and the clients. Respect in the work place was an eye opener for her, it hit close to home. She now knows the difference between bullying and harassment and that neither are acceptable in the workplace.”       Partner
  • “I am delighted to see a significant improvement in communication skills as well as the confidence to take the lead in developing solutions rather than relying on management to provide step-by-step directions.” President
  • “… has shown such a positive energy and attitude since starting the Aspiring Leaders program. Her zest to learn and apply the knowledge shows daily in her work. …  clarity on how she communicates and how to communicate effectively with respect was a huge benefit.” Manager
  • “I am so very proud of (participant) and support her completely.  This scholarship is a big deal and has given (participant) visibility at our executive level.  I expect great things for her and her future.” General Manager