Advancing Executive Leaders Program

This five day intensive leadership program is for women who have reached Senior Management levels (e.g., Director, Group Manager, Vice President or even the C-Suite). Prior to being enrolled in the program, potential participants will be required to complete a competency assessment to evaluate their skill levels; based on the results of this assessment, Acacia will prescribe the appropriate program. [Note: Women who have already completed the Acacia Institute’s Emerging Leaders program may advance to this level without completing further competency assessments.]

Unlike our other programs, the Advancing Leaders program requires participants to be immersed in an intensive off-site experience where they are completely focused on accelerating their skills. The program is all-inclusive and the locations are chosen with the utmost comfort in mind.

A maximum of 25 participants will prepare for their program by completing a 360 assessment (to be completed by their direct reports and peers) as well as other pre-session homework. The learning sessions will all be interactive and the session leaders will be expert in each area.

Bonnie Powers, Co-Founder of the Acacia Institute, is the Ambassador for the Advancing Leaders program.

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CommunicationPersonal PowerBusiness FundamentalsLeadership

Dealing With The Media & Investors

Learn to answer any question with confidence and grace.

Your Energy Profile

Package and present yourself to leverage your authentic self.

 Business Strategy

Set objectives and develop strategies for achieving your desired outcomes.

 Emotional Intellegence

Learn to leverage the power of your emotional IQ to build strong collaborative relationships.

Your Acacia File

Learn to create and deliver an informative and persuasive speech on a specified topic.

Your Executive Image

Pearls of Polish to enhance the power of your presence.


 Business Planning

Create a roadmap to guide the tactical implementation of your business strategy.

Corporate Leadership

Learn to inspire and generate more leaders to transform and elevate your organization.

Holding Your Own In The Board Room

Learn how to lean into your own power and have your voice heard even when you are the only female in the room. 

 Cultivating Advocates

Advancement accelerates with the power of a champion or advocate. Learn to identify and nourish powerful relationships with advocates.

 Business Marketing

Understand the role and importance of marketing in achieving your desired outcomes. Generate a marketing plan to support your business strategy.

Unexpected Outcomes

Learn to deal with difficult unanticipated events. Collaborate with your peers to develop practical solutions.


In addition to the learning modules, participants will benefit from one-on-one coaching with the founders of the Acacia Institute and/or other instructors available.

Once enrolled, participants will have access to a forum for their specific cohort and all other Acacians who are sharing the leadership journey at the same level.

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